Best interests

Farmers defend the need to keep food supply organic without GMO threat

It is true that farmers using GMO are not themselves unethical or immoral, for these farmers started using these crops after they were told it would be better, it would save on pesticides, on fossil fuels and on costs. But the facts are proving otherwise, so knowing that GMO crops are now proven to contaminate organic crops makes bringing in new GM crops or continuing to use GM crops unethical.

We make our living providing people with organic food. If GM alfalfa or GM wheat come to be planted here it will mean the end of our livelihood, of a farm we have worked hard to build up.

And it is not true that GM is simply speeding up a process that has always occurred – In nature. Genes from animals don’t mix with genes from plants.

So in closing, I want to say that Bee Safe does have the best interests of farmers in mind, of those of us who want to be able to grow good food safe for the bees, the animals, and the environment.

Becoming  a GMO-free region means no more added GMO crops and phasing out existing ones, helping farmers make the transition and finding better ways for the benefit of all that live in this area.

Gabriele and Wolf Wesle,

Green Croft Gardens

Certified Organic Farmers