Better together

I would like to respond to Gyula Kiss' comments about amalgamation with the City of Vernon

I would like to respond to Gyula Kiss’ comments about amalgamation with the City of Vernon.

Reading some of your remarks on this topic I feel you don’t see the big picture, you sound more like a councillor trying not to lose his job, with comments saying “otherwise let us live as we please.”

Guess what? As a homeowner in Coldstream your outlook in my judgment isn’t even close to mine.

There are no sidewalks, no street lights at intersections, Kickwillie Loop Road from College Way to Lakeview Drive is so bad that I have to drive on the other side of the road for my safety due to the condition, a park that needs improvement year after year with no second thoughts from Coldstream, and also having to pay for garbage and recycling.

For only (in your figures) an extra $290, to help my fellow neighbours and community, I would spend it.

Now I understand there are costs related to every community, but after coming from a place where all these things were well looked after with a much lower property tax for the same square feet of home, we need to look into something else cause it’s not working.

Taxes in Coldstream are so spread out when I go in to talk about them I get the “we don’t do that, they do” – too much finger pointing.

When I hire a sub-contractor to do a job I make sure it’s done right and so should Coldstream.

Vernon would and will be a better place for my family to grow, work and live if we all just work together in a small town, that’s why we moved here.

With the jobs and wages few and far between, I would think comments like you said at the end of your letter would only keep people away from Coldstream and Vernon.

Instead let’s bring people and families to this great place with joined governed representatives who have plans for a better overall community.

Jay Smith