Bicycle paths are important

Resident supports the bicycle network that exists in the community

I want to begin by thanking Vernon city council and the community for recognizing the need for safe bike lanes and paths for people to travel around our community.

I have had so much pleasure in cycling with a group of seven-year-old girls from the soccer centre to town for ice cream. They are able to ride on a marked path with safe crossings for nearly 10 kilometres.

The grid of cycling routes has expanded significantly and it’s making a huge difference to our cycling experience. The motorists are expecting cyclists on these routes and have been very respectful.

Recently, there was a letter to the editor stating that the individual resented having to pay for cycling routes as he thought they were underused and a waste of taxpayers’ money. While you may see an empty cycling lane, you can also see many empty crosswalks. That doesn’t mean that they are not essential for safety and much-needed within this community.

Let us have respect for the needs of people across demographics.

There are many facilities and infrastructure that my tax dollars support that I don’t often use including the seniors center, the hospital, skateboard parks, dog parks, the curling rink and hockey rinks, but I am glad to know that we have a community fortunate enough to support many different walks of life in their work and recreational pursuits.


Ginny Sellars