Big Brother

Resident expresses concerns about a letter writer's proposal for DNA sampling

Ron Schwartz is really on to something (Letters, June 28) with his plan for DNA collection, but why stop at dogs?

While the poop police are scurrying around collecting dog feces and identifying the offending animal by its DNA, they could also be examining the detritus left behind by other offenders.

Just think if every person that bought a pack of cigarettes or a cigarillo or any other legal, smokable item was made to submit a DNA sample at the time of purchase, they could be fined for improperly discarding their butts. People that started forest fires would be easily traceable and the appropriate penalties levied.

Kids buying candy bars could be made to submit DNA samples. If they litter with the wrappers, they could be tracked down and punished.

People that buy alcohol could submit samples of their DNA and then we would know who throws their empties haphazardly and justice could be swiftly served.

The possibilities are rife. The employment opportunities for DNA detectives would be numerous. The world would be a cleaner, safer place with Big Brother ready to pounce on even the most minor offender.

I would guess that politicians of every stripe will be all over this plan.

Mark Levey