Big let down

Resident concerned about comments made by MLA over Cherry Ridge logging

Mr. Foster, I was deeply disappointed to find out in the Nov 26 Morning Star that you have turned your back on us here in Cherryville.

Perhaps you have forgotten our reasonable plea for a moratorium on the Cherry Ridge road building until a proper hydrological study is done, since the one B.C. Timber Sales presented has shown numerous flaws and inconsistencies?

Maybe you don’t know that BCTS declined to come to a public meeting a few weeks ago after it was cordially invited? Or even worse, chances are you have just become tired of holding a stand with us to protect our values and interests.

I know that you and BCTS are part of this same government, but we elected you to represent us in front of them, not the other way around. Several other local jurisdictions and First Nations have just given us their official support in our pledge.

If you still choose to turn your back on us now, after almost a year of support and collaboration, at least have the decency to truly tell us why.

Aline Piche