Bike paths

Letter writer expresses concern about bicycle paths in Vernon

I’ve had three occasions in the last year that could have in all likelihood ruined my life. The most recent was travelling on Alexis Park Drive, heading north towards 43rd Avenue. I apologize for sounding selfish in this regard because it could also, and more so, ruined the lives of people I don’t even know. Actually, I’m still shaken from it.

Two kids were riding their bikes on a bike path to the left of the parked cars. Check it out yourself. The sidewalk, of course, is where these kids should be on their bikes. However, I passed one. The one in front inadvertently nipped the mirror of a parked car, over-reacted and was in my traffic lane.

I was fortunate for no oncoming traffic. I veered to the left and missed hitting this child. If there was oncoming traffic, there would be a collision to avoid hitting this kid.

Not myself  or anyone else could prognosticate the potential horror of this, all because of a bike path that pretty much encourages kids to come out and play in high-density traffic.

The next incident involved an adult biker close to a turning lane off 20th Street and 46th Avenue. The actual bike lane here moved to a ramp toward a part of the sidewalk. Instead, this person turned left next to a jut-out curb and right in front of me. I was forced to jam my brakes.

I hope this city gets rid of bike paths, especially those to the left of parked cars. The other hope is my conscience for at least trying to forestall the eventuality of a tragic accident given my close calls.

Gordon Thomas