Bike traffic

Resident wants space made for cyclists on 30th Avenue

Are we allowed to ride bicycles in our (lovely?) downtown Vernon?

There is no bicycle path on 30th Avenue in the heart of our city.

Bikes are not allowed on sidewalks, yet when I ride on the road, I get irate honks from folks wanting to race to the next stoplight/pedestrian crossing/parking car/door opening…where I meet them again – because riding a bike through the core of the busy little town takes pretty much the same speed as a car.

It is extremely unsafe for a bike to squeeze into the path of opening car doors, just to let a car pass (and then meet them again 50 feet later).

We are allowed to ride down the street aren’t we?

I think this needs to be clarified for the bike riders and the drivers.

If anywhere we should be allowed to ride down the road it should be the very centre of our town, and if anywhere cars should drive slower – or avoid cyclists – it should be in the heart of the city.

I recently heard that Penticton council is shifting to a 30-kilometre speed limit downtown with the slogan “Slow down and enjoy downtown.”

I just drove downtown and 30 kilometres fits for me – 50 seems too much there. Bikes go about 30 as well.


Daniel Stark