Bill goes to far

Resident concerned about federal legislation and the impact on privacy

Recently, more awareness is being generated by the Conservatives attempt to spy and muzzle Canadians through their Bill C-13. Unwarranted spying on law-abiding citizens without any notification is just wrong. The police can’t open your mail or tap your phone without a court order but yet we’re going to have our e-mail and cell calls opened without any legal framework.

This bill is way beyond what is needed. I think Canadians could probably live with a version that is more toned down. In this past year, two Canadians died from alleged terrorism acts. This Bill C-13 is way over the top and not indicative of the Canada I want to live in.

Judging from the large amount of opposition, 76 per cent, I’m not alone. Next year, let’s send a message to Ottawa and let them know that this is 2014 and that this is simply unacceptable.

This was originally proposed as an anti-cyber bullying act but goes way beyond that. Portions of this bill have already been nixed by our Supreme Court yet Peter MacKay and company insist on ramming this through. The result will be a huge waste of taxpayer money as this wends its way through the legal system again only to have parts declared as unconstitutional, again.

Since when have the people of Canada become the enemy of the government? I urge all Canadians everywhere to stand united in opposition to this really bad piece of legislation.

I encourage Canadians to learn more about how we can work together to safeguard our privacy at


Ryk van Donselaar