Birnie Road

Resident wants provincial government to take action on road to the landfill

Dear  Eric Foster, there are not too many opportunities to make significant change that benefits a lot of people  that would be cheap, fast and good.

I just arrived home from Kelowna and saw the aftermath of another accident at that intersection. Fire trucks, police cars, and vehicles involved all creating havoc. The expense is the least of the concerns one might have in that kind of situation, but clearly, there needs to be a change made to protect the lives and property of drivers and passengers. I would very much like to know that you have expressed my concerns about the safety of all travelling that stretch of highway and the common sense solution I have proposed.

It can’t happen too soon as the increasing summer traffic is only going to present more challenges for cross traffic citizens and workers. I ask you once again to bring this to the attention of the transportation minister.  Slow that traffic down. Save lives and protect the ability of workers to provide for their families. No major studies, no major work projects, no time wasted. It’s just that simple.

Please turn  your attention to this very important priority.

Glenna Miles