Blue bin blues

Resident concerned about the curb side recycling program in the area

I must take offence to a recent editorial where it was suggested we Vernon recyclers have settled in and accepted the blue bins introduced a while back to take the place of the blue bag system.

While I agree with the concerns and complaints of others (wet, soggy, heavy containers, too few bins for sorting, I also must add poor service to the list.

Countless times I have come home from work to find that my bins were not fully emptied.

Paper strewn down my road is an issue too. Luckily, or perhaps not, one day I was home when the recycling truck came by. I watched as the operator tried once to empty my cardboard bin.

He banged the bin on the side of the truck but the cardboard would not come out, so he simply put the full bin down and moved on up the street.

He did not attempt to dislodge the cardboard with his hand or any other tool. He chose to leave the bin there full for another two weeks.

I decided to take the bin up the street to him. I proceeded to show him how easy it was to empty the bin if he would have actually used his hands. What a novel concept. It came out right away.

That’s right, I emptied my own recycling into the truck. I’m sure WorksafeBC would have a field day with this one.

He did not apologize or say a word. I contacted the company to file a complaint since I pay for this service. To my surprise the woman became very defensive and acted like she would be unable to find out who the driver was.

Really? This company wouldn’t know who was on its routes? Bigger problems than meet the eye I guess.

So I have now returned to my blue bags, no sorting required. I take them to the landfill and drop them off in the designated area. It’s easy. The thing is, though, if the intent of recycling is to help reduce waste, then it has not succeeded. I waste my gas driving to the landfill and emit my exhaust into the atmosphere.

What has been accomplished? I did not get used to or accept the blue bins. I tried but in the end I simply gave up and moved on.

James Schneider