Boost to economy

Resident supports development of pellet plant in Lavington

Unlike Ruth Moore, I too have watched the negative attitude of this small group of Lavington residents who live in an industrial area.

If they look out their windows on any day, the wood plant is in operation. They will see a plume of wood dust rising from the operation.

The pellet plant will add 20 full-time jobs to our area, but more importantly, it will support and help keep the jobs in our area and maybe grow or bring in new business.

Has it been too long to  remember the glass plant which was sold to a U.S. firm whicj said nothing would change?

The plant closed, the equipment and jobs moved to the U.S. to put their people to work and our Canadian workers were left to freeze in the dark.

This is a Canadian company which will employ Canadian workers that may live and prosper our community, as well as Lumby, Vernon, Kelowna and all of the way to Vancouver and many B.C. families.


Bill Ellis