Both sides

Resident sees the need for culture and sports and support for volunteers

This is in response to Mike Sturdy’s letter “Let’s support the arts for a change” in The Morning Star.

I lived in Europe for 26 years. I often visited art galleries and museums in Bratislava, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam, London and wherever my travels took me throughout the world. I appreciate art and so does my family and I’ll support a new art gallery and museum in Vernon when the time comes to vote for it.

I’d like to point out that you are wrong in your letter about North Valley Gymnastics Society (NVGS).

They do not want to put the taxpayers of Vernon on the hook for a new indoor facility.

You should have got all of the facts straight by contacting the board of NVGS before writing a letter like that.

Yes, you are correct “the business community would do the job for a profit” but this would lead to higher fees and less children being able to part take in gymnastics and other sport activities.

The goal is to keep the future generations active and healthy, especially nowadays when they are exposed to so much screen time, less human interaction, etc.

Not-for-profit sports organizations in general are keeping fees as low as possible by having a volunteer board. Parents, grandparents and sports enthusiasts put in countless volunteer hours to have variety of sport opportunities in Vernon. Kudos to them all.

To answer your question, “Which side are you on,” I am on both sides.

I support taxpayers and athletes and I also support people who volunteer and make Vernon an even better place to live.

Alzbeta Yacovelli