Bring back the drivers’ test

Very few people will agree and the majority will disagree because they do not think that this refers to them.

Very few people will agree and the majority will disagree because they do not think that this refers to them. It is time to bring back the drivers’ test at the expiration of your current licence.

I have been in the Vernon area for just over three years. It is safe to say that if drivers’ testing were reinstated, 70 per cent of drivers in and around the Vernon area would lose their licence.

To many, posted speed limit signs are just a blur on a picket fence. Yellow lights mean, “Get out of my way, I’m in a hurry.” Red lights mean stop, but if there is no one in the intersection and no cops around, it is OK to drive on through. Stop signs and yield signs are posted for a reason, not to beautify the intersection, and the big, wide, painted white line is the stop line. This means to stop your vehicle before you drive over it, not stop on it or after it.

I have also learned that my vehicle came with an option that I was unaware of. When I signal to make a lane change or to make a turn, my turn signal is attached to the vehicle following me and they automatically speed up. I did not pay for this option nor do I want it.

I also note that many drivers have little or no common sense when it come to pedestrian crossing the street. Let the people cross instead of speeding in front of them or passing them as they walk by your vehicle.

Wait until they cross the intersection.

This does not let the pedestrians off the hook by any means. You are also responsible for your own safety. Stop, look and listen. Make eye contact with the driver and who him your intention to cross the road, stick your arm out if necessary. Take off your ear phones and listen to your surroundings, you can easily tell if the vehicle is going to slow down by watching and listening.

Most of you will disagree with this because you do not think you are the problem but you are the ones who would lose your licence if the testing was reinstated. It is time to smarten up and sharpen up you poor driving habits. Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you are unable to follow the rules of the road and make the streets safe, then park it and find another form of transportation.

Remember, if you are the cause of a collision, it is not an accident. It will never be considered an accident. It is a collision that could have and should have been avoided.

Michael McVeigh