Budget and respect

LETTER: Students, seniors, Vernon residents, every one cares about the budget; more respect needed

Bill Morneau read to a public school Grade 6 class in Toronto, and 10 to 11-year-old students were asking about the finance minister’s budget.

The students used English as a second language.

They asked about science and discovery, supporting seniors, protecting nature, increasing immigration, helping the homeless and about Canada-U.S. relations.

Children at that school and all across the country care about the future, decisions we make today will transform the world they grow up in and are looking at us to make good, smart decisions so they can have a better opportunity to follow their dream, find good jobs and give back to the community.

Mr. Speaker, that’s what the budget is all about; a plan that puts people first, invests in the things that matter most to Canadians to build on that hard work and keep us focused.

Budget 2018 is also a plan that respects the choice that Canadians made more than two years ago. At that time Canadians could stick with the government that favoured cuts, set or failed polices, worst economic growth, stubborn unemployment.

That was the end of the 2018 budget; only six per cent was televised and the screen went black. Canadians only viewed what is written in this letter.

My personal thinking was the Minister of Finance read exactly what our Prime Minister, Mr. Trudeau, wanted him to.

What do seniors think of the budget? I wanted to see as a senior what our budget held for the future and for our families, as Mr. Trudeau and party will somehow find a way to make the budgets a little better before the next election.

Maybe they’ll use the Kinder Morgan pipeline to help the deficit and not allow Canadians to vote on it, just as he passed legalized marijuana without a vote from Canadians.

It is time we speak up for the things we feel need attention before it gets worse.

Marie Gardner


I cannot comprehend how the outside world attitude we see every day of: “it’s all about me,” has filtered its way into places such as our hospital.

I would have expected that visitors would show basic courtesies that should be expected in a hospital. The limited visiting hours, the pungent foods with no regard for the other patient in the room, the noise level beyond 10 p.m., the disrespect shown to nurses as if they are there to serve the visitors needs. When my hospital stay morphed from weeks into months, I started to realise how insensitive and ignorant visitors can be. Most patients are sick and in pain, do you really think they appreciate a “party” atmosphere in the next room or even five or six visitors in the same room visiting the “other” patient.

Think about how a patient who gets no sleep for several days due to medical issues, pain, stress and so on, appreciates a visitor talking on their cell phone using the speaker method for all to hear.

Yes, I will slam my door in your face if I can get out of bed. Especially when you have been asked by a nurse to take it outside. What makes you so special that you can open your conversation for everyone else to hear?

It seems to me that the lack of consideration is widespread among young, old, male, female, it makes no difference. So many people today feel it is their right to go where they want and do as they please.

So if I glare at you, slam my door, or just plain old tell you to get lost before I throw a used bed pan at you, just remember……….you brought it upon yourself. I cannot leave, you are in my space. Remember a hospital is a quiet zone. Take your chatter outside so that I might get the rest I need.

Paul Elmont


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