Resident upset with how governments create and initiate some rules

Mr. VanSickle’s letter entitled Passport Problem made me shake my head. Mr. VanSickle, you have my full understanding and sympathy with what you have had to endure with regards to dealing with some people at government agencies who do not appear to be able to use their judgement and are consequently ridiculous in their application of bureaucratic instructions.

My experience is quite similar, although my problem stems from my name and not from my residency. I was blessed with three names, the third being the one I have used all of my life.  Most people of French Canadian extraction are likely blessed.

Some, like my sister, resign themselves to being called by the wrong name when they go to the doctor, or receive government mail.  Had I known about the insistence of using one’s legal name in B.C., I would have changed my name before moving here last spring.

It irritated me to no end to receive mail in the wrong name and having people not even knowing how to pronounce that wonderful first name.  I decided that I was not to live out the rest of my life that way, and applied for an official name change.

That in itself was an odyssey, the details of which I will spare you, but when I received the official certificate of change of names, the certificate advising me of my new name – lo and behold – the envelope was addressed to my first name, the name they were advising me was no longer mine. Mr. VanSickle, you are not alone in decrying the stupidity of some government rules and the application of the same.

D. Koperdan