Bus demands

Resident insists there is a need for transit to keep up with local needs

When I came to help my sister choose her retirement home in 1989, there was a bus stop sign at the top of 43rd Avenue, just outside of the gate to Uplands.

We were pleased. By the time she moved here in November 1990, the bus sign was gone. I would like to see one there again now.

Truth to tell, there weren’t enough people in Uplands’ 30 houses to support transit at that time. Over the past 24 years, the beautiful orchards have been replaced with hundreds of single-family homes.

Many of these houses have children who can use a bus to go to school.

Even more houses contain older people (above the age of 50) and many of these people are one medical appointment away from losing their right to drive.

Without a valid driver’s licence and with no bus service, we have no choice but to sell our homes and move to a location near downtown.

While some may like that choice, others don’t and I believe the city should be encouraging us to continue living in our homes for as long as we can.

Anyone who has walked down 43rd Avenue to Pleasant Valley Road (never mind up) knows that this is not a viable option for catching a bus on Pleasant Valley Road.

A bus service that could be used by the hundreds of people who live north of 39th Avenue and east of Pleasant Valley Road is needed urgently.

Many of us in Uplands are willing to use a bus service that stops at the top of the 43rd Avenue hill even now when we can still drive.

Perhaps the bus could circle around Cascade Drive making it available to people who live north of 43rd Avenue on Mutrie Road.

Transit staff have said that there is no demand for this bus service.  We need to tell them there is.

I urge all residents who live north of 39th Avenue and east of Pleasant Valley Road to write to mayor and council to request the city consider our needs.

We will be asking to meet with a city transit representative. If you wish to join us, contact me.


Audrey Pope