Bus shelters

Letter writer demands that the city install bus shelters

Regarding the the letter of July 4, Accessibility is being ignored, I was pleased to see the very next day that benches for bus riders appeared on 30th Avenue by Safeway and Nature’s Fare.

However, regarding the questions in the letter — “Why can’t the shelters stay? Don’t we deserve to have shelters?” Nothing has been done.

Even in April when the new bus terminal opened, it was chilly with the wind whipping around the new benches that have no protection at the terminal.

The wonderful summer and fall we’ve had has offered a pleasant grassy area to wait for buses at the park terminal.

However, what will happen to the teenagers, students, seniors and people who take buses because they care about the environment when the icy winds and winter snows arrive?

They will be frozen, with no protection.

Meanwhile, two former shelters still sit where the old terminal was, abandoned and useless. What is the city going to do to help us through the winter?

We deserve to have shelters at our bus terminal.

Is this the way to treat those who are making a concerted effort to go green — giving them a terminal with benches lacking protection?

Dot Szalanski