Business bylaw

Resident concerned about fees for business licenses

Business owners, watch out. With very little public notification, the City of Vernon is preparing to change the business licence bylaw. After reading the bylaw review presentation, it becomes obvious that the main intention is not to create a more balanced, sense-making bylaw but first of all an opportunity for the city to increase the revenue from presently $448,515 to a targeted $485,580.

The worse thing is that while a few big businesses (e.g. casino – present licence fee $ 2,000 – new $950 ) will see a reduction in licence fees, most small businesses will see significant increases – some seeing their fees going up more than 100 per cent and more.

Every business owner better look at the info and see for themself what the impact for their specific business is.

I am sure that a lot of owners will and should contact councillors  and their professional organisations to make sure that this bylaw is not approved.


Reiner Stass