Business concerns

Resident provides some thoughts on traffic through Vernon

I moved to Vernon in 2009 and am not aware of the bypass routes proposed. However I would like to comment on people mentioning business’ concerns.

I went through this in Calgary when they closed the 10th Street bridge for one year for repairs.

Many businesses expressed concerns about lost traffic flow. In the end, most of those businesses, including mine, experienced an increase in business.

The customers talked about how much easier it was to get around the neighborhood as the drive-through traffic was not there to slow things down and it was a much nicer experience without the congestion.

There are always going to be some people affected negatively by any decision that is made but that is no reason to not make a decision and just keep postponing until things are more expensive and it just has to be done.

This has been done in many areas before and as a driver, I can say it never has affected my decision on if I want to stop in a town or city.

If there is something I want to stop for, I simply go the old route.

If businesses think that someone driving through town 100 or more times just might see their sign and stop on the 101st visit, they need to reconsider their marketing plan.


Brent Hauberg