Business plan required

Letter to MLA Eric Foster and Rich Coleman regarding privatization of Liquor Distribution Branch

An open letter to my MLA Eric Foster and Minister responsible Rich Coleman.

I have been following the various news articles in the paper, and clips on TV regarding the Liberal government’s proposed selling off of the BC Liquor Distribution Branch. I have read articles in The Morning Star where Mr. Foster supports his government’s decision to privatize and recently another article protesting the sale.

If you will bear with me, I would like to compare the government to a business, where, I as a shareholder (a taxpayer)  have an investment and thus should have a say prior to the selling of this very profitable holding.

I quote the LDB distribution and retail system contributed a net $4.3 billion to our government coffers in the last five years, a pretty sizable contribution in my mind.

I have heard no business case from you my representative to educate this taxpayer to why this is a sound business venture. This makes me nervous as I have never seen an elected official with a strong financial plan not want to share the value of said strategy with taxpayers and how much the province will financially through increased revenues following the sale.

So, I must question, where is the business plan and why has this not been shared with us? If you want public support, please show the taxpayers how this plan will increase income to the taxpayers over the existing system?

This decision is significant in my mind and has long-term impacts on our province’s finances and possibly significant social impacts.

Please, before you move further in the process, be respectful of taxpayers and put in place some form of public consultation at the earliest possible time.

I have heard repeatedly that we as a province must be fiscally responsible and we do not have monies to support financial demands and interests, i.e. example of late from teachers.

Well, I as a taxpayer do not wish to risk losing that $4.3 billion in the future as it pays for a lot of our children’s education, health care and other critical services us the taxpayers want you as our representatives to manage wisely and in our best interest.

I will continue to follow the news and sincerely hope you take some timely actions that will address the above concerns and demonstrate this is a well thought out strategy we will all benefit from and not a simple result of insider political lobbying as suggested in other news articles.


E. Klassen, Vernon