Bylaw infraction

Letter writer questions photographs showing dogs on beaches

I am writing to comment on a two pictures in the Feb. 17 issue of The Morning Star.

On page A3, there is a picture titled, “Winter Warmth” with the caption, “A number of people have been out walking dogs and soaking up the winter sun at popular places such as Kin Beach.”

On page A29, there is another picture, “Enjoying the Sun,” with a local resident with his dogs at Kin Beach.

I recollect that at Kin Beach, there are a number of very prominent signs saying, “No Dogs on the Beach.”

In previous years, you have had pictures of dogs at Cosens Beach and at other beach in the Vernon area. Most of these beaches are signed, “No Dogs on the Beach.”

Is The Morning Star actively promoting disobedience and disrespect for the law of the land?

It is my impression that people who show disrespect for the law by having dogs in prohibited areas, or by letting dogs run freely when there are signs that dogs must be on leash, fail to pick up after their dogs, and leave behind them presents for the rest of us to enjoy.

V.E. Merchant