Bypass proposal off course

Resident critical of proposal to plan for alternate route around Vernon

Councillor Spiers’ ill-conceived proposal for a bypass to divert traffic around Vernon is typical of the small town attitude that has plagued civic politics and substantially contributed to Vernon’s economic decline in the past 40 years.

Mr. Spiers’ concern for the truck drivers who don’t want the chore of having to pass through Vernon is misplaced.

They contribute nothing to our community so why does he care?  So too is his concern about the risk of a catastrophic accident involving a truck travelling down Hospital Hill.

Transport trucks have been travelling down Hospital Hill for more than 70 years and the accident Mr. Spiers is worried about has yet to happen, so any risk is obviously small.

Mr. Spiers would better serve the community if he focused on devolping policies that attracted people to Vernon and, more importantly, gave them a reason to stop and visit and perhaps spend a little money.


John S. Davis