Resident wants traffic flow tackled through Vernon

I would like to talk about a bypass for long-term planning in Vernon.

Would a double-decker, single-lane, two-way get us through town OK?  They have double-deckered roadways in the States; for example on a bridge.  Is that a possible or is it just silly?  It need be only five meters high probably.  It could end or start on Hospital Hill for the ambulance or emergency use.

I’m guessing there will probably be big trucks and more car through-traffic on the road in the future.  It would get the big blow pipes and pollution out of my breathable air. I want to protect my health.

Snow removal could get interesting but in the modern day, solar power will melt it anyway.  And if it were a solar cell surface, there could be some great environmental benefits for those of us on the ground.

And could we just scoot over top of the Stickle Road fiasco while we are at it?

David Derbowka