Calling for compassion

The pain of family breakups doesn't deserve legal tactics

This is to call on judges and lawyers to substitute compassion and understanding for legal tactics and procedures in court proceedings, especially in family matters.

A family breakup is an extremely emotional event and all parties are deserving of compassion and understanding.

Instead we are faced with a legal game in which lawyers use tactics and procedures to win cases the merits of which are doubtful. Thus they are a source of injustice.

When used in family cases, legal tactics can be emotionally and psychologically devastating to the victim, destructive of family relationships and contrary to the best interests of the child.

Furthermore, the use of legal tactics and procedures brings disrepute upon the administration of justice and leaves the courts deserving a great deal of contempt and disrespect.

Therefore, I call upon judges and lawyers to stop using legal tactics and procedures. Compassion and understanding in court would help ease the pain of family breakups.


Art Powell, Vernon