Campfire bans

Resident wants tough action taken when someone breaks the campfire rules

Just a comment on the three fires attended by the Vernon Fire Department while the ban is in effect.

I find it so disgusting that three people had fires active while the ban is in effect and the Vernon Fire Department attended and no one was taken to task for their deeds, ie. having a fire during the ban.

Instead,  it seems excuses were made for their actions in as much as maybe they were not aware of the ban because they may not listen or watch the media.

OK, so if I use my cell phone while driving and I say I am not aware of the rules when stopped by the RCMP, do you really think I will just get off with a warning? I doubt it.

How about going through a school zone at 50 kilometres an hour instead of 30 kilometres and I say,  “I did  not see the sign.” Will the RCMP buy that? I doubt it.

I can only feel that no one is serious about the ban.

D. Young