Canada Day Parking

Parking problems at Polson Park Canada Day celebrations

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who joined us at the Canada Day celebration in Polson Park.

It was truly an awesome turnout and we appreciate those who were polite to myself and staff while parking you accordingly.

I’d also like to inform those who parked on the clearly marked, no parking yellow lines that we did not at any time instruct or encourage those to do so.

As we moved to the fireworks display in the evening, I’m thinking that those of you who blamed us for the issued parking tickets in the park will also complain to the City of Vernon about instructing you to turn north against the several clearly marked signs.

As this is the fourth consecutive year we’ve done these events, may I make some recommendations for next year?

Ask those volunteers about parking procedures if you’re not sure.

Take the free shuttle bus that the city offers to such events so as not to have to worry about parking. Obey the signs.

There is a bit of confusion for some and others just ignore us flag people regardless.

Anyway, there’s always going to be someone who doesn’t agree with the rules and recommendations but as we maintained our polite smiles for the duration, we were only doing our jobs.

We look forward to seeing those that are going to greet us and appreciate what we do again next year.

Traci Evans,


Okanagan Traffic Control