Canadians deserve better treatment

Resident takes issue with the actions of Immigration Canada

On Feb. 4, The Morning Star carried a column by Colin Mayes, our MP, which discussed immigration policy. Mr. Mayes included the following statements in his article:

“ We have worked to prioritize and process these applications in a timely manner … Our immigration and refugee system should be conducted in line with our Canadian values of transparency and fairness…”

While I agree with these words as written, the personal experience of our family suggests that the reality of how our immigration service is being managed by the Conservative government is very different indeed.

Our son applied in March 2014 to Immigration Canada to sponsor his wife as a permanent resident in Canada.  She is an American citizen.

Almost a year later, they have heard absolutely nothing from Immigration Canada.

In the meantime, under current regulations our daughter-in-law cannot work or attend university in Canada and they are struggling to make ends meet on one salary, as our son’s work requires them to live in a major urban centre.

Immigration Canada’s publicly posted information states that such applications are now taking approximately two years to process.

At the same time, our son applied for a U.S. immigration permit and his application is nearing completion.

During the process, the U.S. immigration service has provided them with regular updates on the status of his application, unlike the total silence applicants encounter from Immigration Canada.

We run the very real risk in this situation of seeing two, well-educated, energetic young people, who want to live and work in Canada, head to the U.S. for greater opportunity as a result of the awful experience they are going through with our immigration service.

CBC News reports confirm that their experience is typical.

I cannot blame any young person who feels disillusioned with Canada right now.

While the rhetoric from Mr. Mayes and his Conservative peers is world-class, we have ended up with a third-class public service as a result of the mindless application of tax cuts that our country simply cannot afford.

Canadians deserve and should demand better treatment than this.

Rose Harryman