Candidate upsets

I am writing this letter about the article of April 1 on page 3 regarding the Green Party leader Elizabeth May not being allowed in the debates.

But what upset me most were the arrogant comments of the Liberal candidate Janna Francis. As if they (the Liberals) were ever green!

She should go for a visit to Germany to really understand what “green” means. All the Liberals have ever accomplished here is a second garbage container for recycling, that’s all.

She thinks that Ignatieff, who said that the tar sands are Canada’s economic motor, can speak for the Green Party?

Ignatieff could maybe speak for the Conservatives but he could never speak for the Green Party. Saying that shows that Janna Francis understands nothing about the Greens.

The Green Party in Germany became the second largest party  in Baden/Wuerttemberg recently and the next mayor of Berlin will be from the Green Party.

The Germans at last realize how right the Greens have been all along and they certainly have nothing to do with the politics of Canada’s Liberal party.

Greens have always been clear on their policies even if they thought they were unpopular and now, with the nuclear fiasco, they are proven right

The local Liberal candidate has proven her ignorance by saying that the Liberal leader can even begin to address the issues the Green leader can discuss in depth.

Is she telling voters that Liberals have no policies of their own at all, that they have now adopted all the Green policies?


Jurgen Krahne

Lumby, B.C.