Carbon trust defends the Earth

I have a wee question and comment from little ‘ol me here in Armstrong; Spallumcheen, actually

Regarding your obvious actual hatred of Pacific Carbon Trust, I have a wee question and comment from little ‘ol me here in Armstrong; Spallumcheen, actually.

What is your issue against Planet Earth?

What issue have you against government rules that say “we mean business when it comes to the retrieval of Planet Health?”

Are you jealous because the party you support doesn’t have the courage to enact real legislation?

What goes around does come around, you know.

The fact is, signed on green communities in B.C. have shown that a carbon footprint can be lowered, without the cost of losing jobs.

Ironically, stimulating, good-paying work, sustainable work and more work complementing planet health retrieval are the way of the future.

If you don’t know that, or believe that, it’s because you are seriously ignorant.

If you think selling fossil fuel to the less fortunate is a way to build futures for the young ones; you again are seriously mistaken.

The Earth is a delicate living organism.  Please understand it.

I find living and eating well to be more important than being greedy.

Ask the folks in the Philippines in case you don’t understand my message.

Pacific Carbon Trust is excellent legislation; and if it can be governed more beneficially, so be it.

These laws are new territory for the world and the Earth, and for us as supposedly intellectual beings.

Changes can come to the rules as is deemed a correct action.

I ask you to please consider too; there are other people here on Earth too. I thoroughly enjoy living here on Earth.

It’s like we quit smoking long ago in respect of our and other’s personal health.

Everyone knows, the Earth needs to quit smoking too.

David R. Derbowka