Care for your dogs

In response to the letter Feb 13, It’s a Doggone Shame!

It is not just a shame people don’t clean up after there dogs but it is a very significant health concern.

Did you know that if the owner is not deworming the dog regularly, that round worms can be passed on to your pet as well as yourself and family members?

The following information was on a recent Discovery Channel program, The Monsters Inside Me.

Round worms can cause enormous damage to our bodies as this parasite burrows through. In one case, a young boy playing in a sand box, that had been used by a dog and had not cleaned up, ate some of the sand and contracted round worms.

The parasite made its way through his little body, causing havoc and ending up in his eye. He lost the sight in that eye before he could be diagnosed.

Since being informed of this information, I look at the problem from a very different perspective. Not only is it disrespectful to the community and shameful act but should be considered a health safety issue with fines informed for non-compliance.

Public policing could be encouraged as most people today have cell phone cameras. We could keep the ones thinking they don’t need to follow the rules in check. Sometimes hitting people in the wallet is the only way to make a statement.

Until, or if this could ever happen,  remember to deworm your pets for both your sakes.

K. Moore