Cast your ballot

Local resident supports the Conservative government

The two main opposition leaders, Trudeau and Mulcair, think Canada would be much better under their government.

Wishful thinking.

For instance, how efficient will the stoned employees be on the job? Ask Mr. Trudeau, he sees no problem there.

The creation of jobs promised by Mr. Mulcair looks fine, but under his reign, these jobs will be filled by civil servants.

These people are very efficient, we know that but they cost us money, simply put. Businesses, big or small and being the real creators of jobs, are not comfortable with the NDP in general. They also won’t make too much effort to co-operate in creating employment. We saw it in the 1970s when Dave Barrett, of the NDP, became B.C. premier, and later on with Mike Harcourt.

I find it an insult to the majority of Canadians when we are told that we wasted 10 years with the present government, which we elected three times in a row. I find Harper to be honest and competent. His problem is that he is trusting too much of his entourage. If re-elected, it will be the time for him to clean house.

I’ve never had much use for people challenging, in a demeaning way, the opponents as much as they are doing now, especially in debates. When someone has the floor, nobody should cut him off, period. Let him finish his point please. Actually, the contestants don’t seem to have much respect with one another. People are turned off by their arrogant attitude.

Lastly, it would be nice if everyone makes it a personal obligation to go and vote, no matter for whom.

There is a certain satisfaction of accomplishment after your cast your ballot. It beats having a dictator longing to eliminate you if you don’t agree with him.

Simon Perron