Cattle woes

Resident ensures cattle don't cause major problem on highway

Recently, as I was coming home for lunch, on the outskirts of Armstrong, I looked ahead on the road I was to turn on to and couldn’t believe I was seeing a herd of cows getting ready to cross Highway 97A.

My survival reaction kicked in and all I knew was I needed to stop this from happening before someone got really hurt.

As you know with the summer traffic, there was a steady stream of traffic.

I used my car and actually cut them off and rounded up what turned out to be 14 cows right into my driveway at the corner, and shut the gate.

Being a city person, I was shocked I even did that.

After three hours of these captured cows on my property, which trampled my flowers, broke my trees and bushes and broke a flower pot that meant a lot to me, my husband finally found where they had come from.

To the owner of those 14 cows, I saved your cows and probably saved a whole lot of people which would have amounted to a huge law suit.  You are welcome. I would do it again.


Rose Sanjenko