CBC unites our country

Resident defends the activities of the national broadcaster

In regards to R.L. Shunter’s recent letter where the sentiment was to scrap the CBC and have the CRTC taken with it, we totally disagree.

Have you really taken the time to listen – I mean really listen to the programming?

Kathy Tomlinson does investigative reporting with her Go Public feature. If you have an issue, you can go public with her. All of her story ideas come from people who contact them with many of these people featured prominently in the stories themselves.

Tonic on Sunday evening with jazz and blues makes you cooler.

Chris Walker and crew give the Okanagan their early morning wake up call. David French (a Vernon guy) reads the local news at half-past the hour.

Then we have The Vinyl Café on Sundays at noon. Stuart McLean weaves his masterful story telling and talks about Dave’s favourite restaurant, Wong’s Scottish Meatpies. For those of us who know all about Dave and Morley, who can forget the gastronomical event where Dave cooks the Christmas turkey and what Dave’s son says to the copper when they are pulled over after a party at Mary Turlington’s.

You see, Mary Turlington is Dave’s neighbour who…well, it seems you’re not much interested. The stories Stuart weaves are rich in human emotion and laughter.

On Saturday nights, it’s Randy Bachman. He gives us insight to the music with stories behind each song he plays.

The World at Six is a half-hour in-depth look at the world’s happenings. Try to find any extensive and comprehensive news from our local stations.

Following the news is As it Happens. This program is a multi faceted news feature with incredible and interesting newsmakers.

Terry O’Reilly and his show on Saturday mornings, Under the Influence, talks about advertising and marketing in a way you’ve probably never thought of. In a recent episode he talked about the art of the elevator pitch. The definition of an elevator pitch is being able to pitch an idea in the time it takes an elevator to go from the first floor to the second. Have you ever given it much thought? Probably not but Terry does it in a most unique way.

Sheryl MacKay and her show, North by Northwest, helps us ease into our early weekend mornings. You’ll meet creative people from all around the province and hear about their passions and inspirations.

Do my wife and I listen to all that CBC offers? Not a chance. But then again you most likely don’t watch every show that ABC, CBS and NBC have to offer either.

With all due respect, that’s where the on/off button comes in handy. If you don’t like the program, turn the radio off or find another station.

CBC is what unites our country coast to coast to coast.

It keeps us in touch with home via the Internet or satellite radio when travelling or living outside of Canada.

We rely on CBC for accurate local, regional, national and world news, weather and sports. Scrapping the CBC is like throwing the baby out with the bath water.


Jay Schappert