Cemetery conditions a concern

Family member questions the current dry conditions at the Vernon cemetery

It is with such disappointment that I feel the need to write this letter.

As Vernon is and has been recognized as a preferred destination for seniors to live and thrive through out their retirement years, my parents relocated from Calgary to Vernon about 25 years ago.

Mom and dad loved Vernon and became involved in different organizations. They did countless volunteer work and contributed to their community as much as they could. Vernon was their city and they were proud of it.

To not burden their daughters with funeral costs, they pre-arranged, selected and paid dearly for their funeral and burial needs.

They had numerous discussions with us regarding their plans and how impressed they were with the Vernon cemetery for its presentation, care, and consistent overall appearance, and feeling of peace and serenity when on the property.

Unfortunately none of those qualities can be said of the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Its current state of neglect and absence of care is absolutely deplorable, and the City of Vernon should be ashamed to call it their city’s cemetery.

I am aware that even though the city owns the property, they contract out the care and maintenance of the grounds to a private business. Does the city not check up on their contracts to confirm the work they are paying for is actually being done? All of  Vernon’s parks, school grounds, sports fields and city hall grounds all show green, maintained grounds.

I  appreciate that water restrictions are in place, as that is the case in many other cities. I live in Kamloops and both of our cemeteries are green and beautifully groomed, as is Salmon Arm’s and Kelowna’s.

Come on Vernon, is this the way you honour your deceased senior population who have chosen and paid dearly to be laid to rest  in your city and cemetery?

Cindy Valhalla