Centre status making waves

Vernon Recreational Complex repairs could cost region the sports complex and/or a new art gallery and museum

Just when it seemed as though Vernon might be gaining momentum in the sports and/or cultural world, a wrench has been thrown in the mix.

It’s been learned that the community’s beloved recreational complex could need repairs to the tune of $2 million.

At that price tag, one has to wonder if the aging building is even worth repairing.

Or would it make more sense, especially considering the high demand for pool access, to construct a bigger and better facility?

Whatever the case, the unfortunate fact is something’s likely got to give in order for Greater Vernon to afford this recreational amenity. That something will likely be the proposed sports complex and/or a new art gallery and museum.

It may seem unfair, considering efforts have been ongoing for both of the proposed projects, whereas the need for rec centre repairs has just surfaced suddenly. But the reality is taxpayers can’t foot the bill for everything.

The issue may turn out considerable debate and force Greater Vernon to decide what is most important: a pool/recreational facility, a sports complex or an art gallery/museum?

One quick look around this community and you will see that varying interests abound.

Artists are an integral part of the area, who not only add to our diversity but make a living at it. And history is obviously essential to preserving. Then there are all the sports-minded individuals and teams that keep young and old active and bring in needed revenue via tournaments.

Certainly all avenues for funding from other levels of government have to be pursued vigorously but let the debate begin about what the community can and should pursue in earnest.