Centre strives to stay alive

Whitevalley Community Resource Centre in Lumby struggling with financial crunch

If you have never needed to access services at a local resource centre, you might be tempted to question their existence.

But those who have ever used them know all too well that such services are social safety nets for the community.

The range of services offered at local resource centres can benefit  people of all ages seeking assistance in a variety of circumstances.

Whether it’s a senior trying to fax or e-mail a letter to the editor, a teen looking for employment, a single-mom struggling to find day care or any individual needing physical or mental support, such centres are there to lend a hand with various programs and services.

News that Lumby’s social safety net is struggling to keep its doors open is unwelcome. Particularly in Lumby – a small town that has already had its share of major businesses close down.

It’s not as if the Whitevalley Community Resource Centre is even a business profiting from clients.

Volunteers and staff are a driving force behind the non-profit organization, which offers free services so even those on low-incomes can receive the help they need.

It is a service that many rely on, and have done so since its inception in 1989.

Without the programs and services, people will be forced to go to Vernon for help. But the truth is, those needing help might be deterred, or might not have the means to travel, and never get the help they need, and deserve.

The centre supports and promotes the health and well-being of its community.

Without it, the fate of Lumby and surrounding areas could be in jeopardy.

– Vernon Morning Star