Change needed

Is it time for a change of the mayor and council in Vernon, myself and many people believe it is.

Is it time for a change of the mayor and council in Vernon, myself and many people believe it is.

Here are some of the many reasons – fiscal responsibility; the constant buying of buildings in Vernon.  They just spent $300,000 for another building downtown with the idea to tear it down for a walkway – get fit and walk the extra block or two and we also pay for the destruction of the building.

How many parcels of land we the public of Vernon own now, let’s have council list this publicly in the paper with total cost for each lot, cost to clean up and the yearly cost (how much are we losing in property tax).

They have a tendency to use these as paid parking lots.

Lack of consulting with the public, an example the upgrade on 20th (which is still not complete), 29th street. They do not contact us on any spending (like buying real estate), or use of public monies for trips.

This could all be solved with the set up of a computer system for taxpayers to vote on regarding the spending of public monies. If a political party can elect a provincial leader this way we can use it in our community.

What about a new building for the hard-working RCMP that’s well overdue, a new city hall and museum. We will not take the usual excuse of under advisement.

The old Coldstream hotel site is empty – just clean it up and design a new building with lots of parking for their vehicles, proper garage, new booking and cells and finally proper interview rooms.

Once the RCMP and museum are gone. there will be lots of room for new city hall and get rid of the paid parking and have 10 or more spots for city hall business.

Cut the mayor and council wages by 30 per cent and every year they get a report card from the public and any raises or reduction based on this.  This might help them make the right decisions and consult with the people who pay their taxes.

Yes it is time for a change, the next election let’s clean house

Garry Haas