Check that book

Library users should check books for any damage before checking them out

Recently, I borrowed a paperback book from the Vernon branch of Okanagan Regional Library. I did not know that it was my responsibility to do the library’s job and check for any damage.

I returned the book July 1 via the outside book drop. On July 2, the circulation librarian telephoned to inform me that the book was damaged on return and that I owed $8.10 to replace the book.

When I went to the library that afternoon, I was shown the book, which had some stained pages, asked if I was the borrower and if I had noticed the stains when I read the book.

I informed the librarians that I was the borrower and I did not notice the stains and I did not stain the book.

I asked if one of the duties of the library was to be sure that materials for borrowing were to be in good condition. I was informed that, “We cannot check every book.”

My some other dude did it defence was pooh-poohed as fantasy.

Since I have a library card and on the back are the words, “acknowledge that materials borrowed on this card are my responsibility,” I paid the $8.10.

My policy at the library now is to have every book that I borrow checked minutely for any damage both at the check-out and check-in by a librarian in my presence.

I will no longer use the self check-out desk or the inside or outside book drops.


Brian May, Vernon