Cherryvlle logging

Resident questions the actions of B.C. Timber Sales on Cherry Ridge

Cherryville residents are not against logging, but we are against bad logging practices.

In our current situation with B.C. Timber Sales, one must ask the question, why are a provincial agency and its civil servants so adamant that their studies are correct and not willing to listen, when a community (including logging and land management specialists) is pointing out that important information has been omitted or ignored, and that a high risk of landslides will exist if this project goes ahead?

It’s a project where a road is costing $480,000 to access a potential $600,000 worth of wood.  Doesn’t that mean an approximate $100,000 profit of only to taxpayers at a very great risk when it can be said that the province has not done its due diligence?

I would bet that many people from Vernon don’t get out this way and see the clear-cuts, let alone the very many people of Vancouver, the majority of the province’s voters. Cherryvillans and other rural and backwoods dwellers witness firsthand the devastation that is occurring. The way our province is managing our forests is a disgrace.

Tourism B.C. invites visitors to come and see beautiful B.C. The clear-cuts are so many now, that even sight lines from our highways can’t be protected.

This is what happens when a province doesn’t, in fact, manage its resources and lets monopolizing corporations do it for themselves.

What’s the rush?  Let’s slow down and not only wait for a legitimate study on Cherry Ridge, but also call on Forests Minister Steve Thomson, to take stock and answer to the people on this – this being an example of what’s happening in forestry, not only in Cherryville but in our entire province.


Debbee Werner