Choice is clear

Decision day has almost arrived and with it, some thoughts.

If we do not elect a majority government, we’ll be faced with more dysfunctional proceedings in the House of Commons — bickering, mudslinging, name-calling. In other words, no productive or concrete governing will occur (minority governments seem to function in this manner).

Fabulous promises made to us during the campaign regarding improved health care, family issues, education, unemployment and the environment are wonderful. But where will all of the money to implement these programs come from? You’re right — either from individuals or corporations, which means us, the taxpayers.

I would rather be led by a leader with a sound economic background (Harper and Flaherty) during these worldwide uncertain economic times, than others who wish to implement programs and initiatives that are not economically feasible.

Rather than spend millions on a needless election, which could have been spent on current problems, let’s allow our government the chance to actually pass legislation and make decisions that will make a positive difference in our country. If after the mandatory four years we’re dissatisfied, we can make a change at the polls.

Let’s give the Conservatives a chance. Vote in order to provide them with a majority.

Monica McDonald