Choose representative wisely

Resident insists voters have a right to question candidates

I challenge the letter from Bobbi Fox, accusing the NDP candidate of inciting disruptive discourse displayed at an all candidates forum. Forums are a necessary part of our democratic process as it allows a diverse group of Canadians to collectively participate in selecting the best candidate to represent their interests in our country through our government.

The one local person who will be designated to promote and protect the real life, real time, issues and concerns that either support or remove such things as our right to protest without being branded a terrorist of some kind for trying to protect those things we hold dear.

We, as a people, have real concerns about water rights, land rights, food security, seniors’ care, health care, education, social services, taxation, the spending of our collective taxation, resource management, science and climate change, our relationship with our fellow earth inhabitants, our relationship with First Nations peoples, the economy, our relationship with immigration and refugees, trade and commerce and the multiple facets of everyday life.

We have the responsibility to choose that representative wisely based on the evidence of care shown for our concerns.

It’s a big job. It deserves respect. It also deserves scrutiny. Above all, it demands accountability, honesty and transparency. Each of us is tasked with understanding how decisions made in Ottawa affect our lives and the lives of our fellow citizens.

We are tasked with understanding how our government comports itself and represents us on the world stage. It’s important to understand how our foreign policy affects the lives of those who live somewhere else who might find themselves in dire straits and in fear of their lives from internal strife or overt aggression from outside their country. As I said, it’s a big job.

To suggest that the person who is interviewing for this job and representing his or her political party should not receive some unpleasant or disruptive comments or reactions from time to time is to silence the one thing a peaceable people have used effectively to challenge those who seek to govern in this country.

Their voice. Their questions. Their displeasure. And yes, even their derision. Respect is a two-way street.

While it may be uncomfortable for particular candidates from time to time, it is fair, reasonable and realistic to expect an open public forum will expose something that does not meet with the approval of all participants. They and they alone are responsible for how they react and express themselves.

The candidates themselves are responsible for showing up to be held to account, encouraged or dismissed.

Voting is the next step in the selection process.

Support the candidate you think will represent you with integrity, honesty and accountability.

It’s clearly up for debate in this riding as in many others.

Your vote is very important and it does matter.

I encourage all past and new voters to contact Elections to confirm they are registered to vote. Confirm you have the correct polling division and address.

Please read your card very carefully and be prepared with identification to refute any challenges you may encounter at the polls.

Glenna Miles