City council on wrong track

Resident concerned about possible cost-cutting measures with the City of Vernon

I can’t believe the kinds of cost cutting measures the city is considering as part of the core services review.

About four years ago, Penticton laid off staff to the tune of $1.8 million. What did we do? We hired staff to the tune of $800,000, which now probably equates to more than $1 million with increases and benefits. Are we not a smaller city than them?

They talk about eliminating the effluent spray program and dumping the treated water into the lake.

Why not charge a little more for the use of this almost free water to the users, who, I might say, get their pumps and irragation lines virtually free for a nominal flat fee a year.

Even the thought of going to once-a-week garbage pick-up chills me. Are we going back to the dark ages where rats ran free because of no garbage pick-up?

To even consider bi-weekly service will surely encourage people to drop their overflowing garbage into available dumpsters around town.

Limiting transit services will surely impact those who can’t afford a vehicle. At least seniors have a choice of calling the transit system for pick-up service at their home, but the underprivileged do not to my knowledge.

Come on councillors, get real. Do we need all of the full-time staff at the various arenas around town? Can there be seasonal staff hired to allow for some cost savings?

Now there’s talk of closing Civic Arena, which is well used in the winter, because we can’t afford to replace it. But we can afford a new track and facility. Where is the logic in that?

Next on the chopping block will be Priest Valley Arena I’m sure. It seems like every other city employee has a public works vehicle to drive. Are there not cost savings available there?

Why do we need so many administrative arms to run this city? I am talking about the Greater Vernon Advisory Committee, the Regional District of North Okanagan and the City of Vernon itself.


Judy Campbell