City economy

Resident questions the city's concerns about the economy

Mr. Mayor and council, do you really reside in Vernon and conduct business here?

To what degree the statistics are correct from the reports, quoted on the front page, is rather moot!

There is fact built into the report, the departing families, city GNP, average incomes, etc.

Vernon and its immediate business trading areas are suffering from drastic economic adjustments.

However, for the elected Vernon spokesperson to take such a cavalier and unrelated/out-of-context comment position is reprehensible.

Does it really take a federal report for you and council to see what is evolving around your ivory tower at city hall?

Have you not seen the dwindling occupied storefronts of Vernon? Have you not asked the question as to what is happening in your own backyard?

Why don’t you do a walkabout and see how the economy and all levels of government decisions have affected business in Vernon?

For you not to be aware of the degree of the economic downturn that we, on the daily firing line, have been experiencing since 2008 is, quite frankly governance incompetency displayed in its finest hour.

Why not risk an advertised open town hall meeting, since you promote yourself as an open and approachable council and see what business thinks of the general economic conditions and the factors that have driven us to this juncture?


Jeff Wuolle