City must function

Let's keep our roads wide and continue to improve traffic flow.

Let’s keep our roads wide and continue to improve traffic flow. Most people in our city use their personal vehicles to get all of their daily activities done.

While biking may work in some instances, it doesn’t work for groceries, picking up the kids from school, or even general trips into town. It is also a weather-based activity that can only be done comfortably a few months out of the year. Current demand in our city is for vehicle-based commuting. We should not be designing our roadways around the few that bike, but on the thousands that drive.

Keeping our roads wide and increasing lanes where needed maintains good traffic flow, which is better for the environment and more efficient. Let’s remember that the vehicles of today are not heavy polluters. Many are choosing to drive hybrid vehicles already and we are moving to other green technologies. We don’t have to abandon the vehicle for future sustainability. I am not opposed to wider sidewalks, and practical bike lanes, provided that they don’t remove parking areas or driving lanes. The path along 25th Avenue is a beautiful example of this.

An example that I think doesn’t work is 20th Street.

Not only is there a multi-use path on both sides with poles in the middle of them, there is also a bike path on both sides narrowing the road. What does multi-use mean if there is a separate bike lane? Why not one multi-use path on one side for bikes and pedestrians and a wide two-lane road that allows parking?

Let’s not let all of our roads go the way of 20th. We need to speak up about this and make sure we make our city function well.

Joel van der Molen