City needs to be proactive with deer

Resident concerned about the growing number of deer in the area

As a citizen of Vernon with property in the downtown area, near the courthouse, I find it astonishing that suddenly, in the last two years, I must be extra cautious while driving and dangerously interrupt traffic flow in my urban neighbourhood so not to hit deer, be apprehensive about any pets being attacked by deer, and erect fences at my own expense to keep these so-called wild animals out of my vegetable garden and from using my property as a thoroughfare.

If there was a great change in this old East Hill area, such as major construction, I might have more sympathy with these displaced animals but this is not the case.

They are enjoying the fruits of city dwellers’ gardens and hence multiplying very successfully. The animals are lovely to look at and seem gentle in nature so their invasion is subtle due to blind sentiment.

My concern is that we become like other cities that have such great problems and no power to do anything about the deer.

Invermere is just such an example of where the overpopulation of deer has led the animals to become aggressive to people as well as small pets.

Invermere has had a lot of problems trying to cull the deer due to misplaced public sentiment even from those who live in other countries and don’t have to live with the situation.

It is hoped Vernon has the vision to be pro-active in containing this situation before major accidents occur.

S. Lighthall