City Taxes

I was dumbfounded at Buffy Baumbrough’s comments in the March 2 Morning Star. She is quoted as saying “Adding one per cent earmarked for reserves is prudent and not an undue hardship to taxpayers.”

Excuse me? How in the world would Buffy know what’s a financial hardship to taxpayers and what’s not?

Is she somehow privy to the  financial capabilities of every one of Vernon’s citizens?

This city has squandered taxpayers dollars for years now through blatant mismanagement and a poor long-term vision.

They keep trying to sell us on how good development is for the city as it improves the tax base. All I’ve seen from this development is higher taxes, depletion of our water resource and an increase in water rates, poorer air quality, more crime and a sharp decrease in the quality of life.

So please explain how all of this taxpayer funded development been good for us?

If the city had been prudent financially, they should have insisted that developers pay the full costs of their projects and not impose the extra financial burden of all of this no-holds-barred growth on existing taxpayers.

They should have been more careful when dolling out money to every worthwhile organization that came knocking on their door asking for a taxpayer handouts.

They could take a hard look at the salaries we’re paying city staff.   While all of these handouts are nice, there comes a time when taxpayer-subsidized generosity has to end,

While Buffy may have the financial wherewithal to endure these yearly tax increases and rate hikes, there are a considerable number of us who don’t.

Buffy, you’re driving the people who built this community away from the very city they helped create.

Many don’t enjoy the luxury you do of being paid to attend the innumerable meetings and conferences that you seem to enjoy.

Please, have some sympathy and empathy for the people who have endured these continual yearly increases. Cut the budget and expenses and don’t increase taxes.

B. Griffin,