Clark lark

Writer questions premier's credability

If anyone had any doubts about the credibility of Christy Clark, those doubts should be confirmed by her recent claim that she has not chosen to seek a mandate from the electorate this fall in spite of the fact that polling shows she could win. Really! What is more likely the case is that polling showed the opposite and in all likelihood she was threatened with a caucus revolt if she tried it.

No doubt the Liberals will continue with excuses to keep the HST in place until the eve of the election because that revenue is needed to allow the Liberals to get their way out of the deficit created by the Campbell administration.

A deficit which was not so much the result of the economic downturn as it was from the Campbell government’s penchant for cutting corporate taxes and squandering the revenue exacted from the rest of us. The results of the referendum show that the electorate – left, right and center – has had enough of their deception, but Christy Clark doesn’t seem to get it.

Howard Brown