Clean Park

Gratitude to all those who respect this fragile eco-system

I was out walking in Kal Park today, amongst such great beauty and such a treasure, and wanted to express my thanks to those who choose to pack out, what they pack in, and make a choice not to litter.

Gratitude also goes out to those who choose to remain on the main trails, to those who choose not to destroy the fragile eco systems, that are inherent in the park, by keeping their human footprint to a minimum.

To those who understand that we are in the home of the animals that reside and live in the park, that it is their home and we are visitors, and to respect their right to exist.

I would also wish to express great gratitude for those on peddle bikes, who show respect and kindness, by choosing to slow down when passing pedestrians and horseback riders.

Thank you also to the great dog owners who pick up after their dogs and also choose to put the plastic bags in the garbage.

Last but not least, thank you, to the boaters who choose to share the Cosens Bay beach by not driving or parking in the swimming area.

My greatest appreciation goes out to the many people I have seen pick up after others, so that the piece of heaven we refer to as Kal Park, that resides in our backyard, remains one of the most beautiful places on the planet.


Mark Sandberg, Vernon