Clean the creek

Student pleased with improving conditions along local waterways

First, Coldstream Creek, the creek that runs into our water source, Kalamalka Lake, was very clean compared to the last time we cleaned it.

Previously, we found a disgusting amount of garbage in Coldstream Creek.

By the end of our first clean, we had four huge bags of garbage, including an old bicycle and  a tin roof from somebody’s shed.

This time, we only found about half a bag of garbage and half a bag of recycling. So excited.

Unfortunately, one negative was we found a shopping cart in the creek. That is very bad because the cart will rust and the rust will eventually end up in Kalamalka  Lake.

As well, polluters chose to litter in Coldstream Creek tons of cigarette butts, 124 in total.

The most were found around the picnic tables and paths. This is not only bad for our water and animal habitat, but if not put out correctly, will start a fire.

We encourage the community to use the garbage cans provided. However, cigarette disposal containers might eliminate this apparent issue for some of our local smokers.

Overall, my class and I are overjoyed with the improvement in the cleanliness of Coldstream Creek, the fresh water leading to our drinking source, Kalamalka lake.

Getting happier, yet still concerned.

Myah Gallie

Kala Star School, Grade 8