Cleaning up

Resident concerned about the current condition of Coldstream Creek

Recently, I had the opportunity to be a part of the Great Canadian Lakeshore Clean up.

Our school cleaned Coldstream Creek from McClounie Road to Kidston Road.

I feel I need to share my frustration and anger with my experience cleaning the banks and water leading to Kalamalka Lake, our water source.

I feel angry and frustrated because we found sheet metal, pop cans, green tarps, plastic bottles, plastic bags, rebar, landscape tarp, take-out containers, big cement blocks, paper, and so much more in our creek.

Also, I wanted to bring awareness to how valuable Kalamalka Lake is to our community.

This is our drinking water, our irrigation water and a tourist recreation area.

However, I am confused and concerned on how we can raise awareness for proper use of our landfill and to keep litter out of our creeks.

It’s 2014 people, come on don’t litter.

Myah Gallie

Grade 7,

Kala Star Academics and Outdoor Schoo